Mamatotowear Breastfeeding Tops allow you to nurse wherever you are, discreetly and comfortably. Our overlapping parts of the tops’ front panels allow you to open your top without showing a lot of skin and nursing your baby looks like you are holding your baby.

This is how the function works:

I designed the tops when I had my first baby. I was in graduate school and although there were tops that were fine, I wanted to make one that was better. So I did. The quality of Mamatotowear products is a high priority for me. The fabrics have to be great, eco conscious and for the most part organic, and always Fair Made in San Francisco. The Fair Made part is especially important and closely related to high quality and eco consciousness. When the clothes don’t have to travel around the world for every step of production, that impacts their carbon footprint. And when the clothes are made with local regulations to minimum wage and working conditions, that is a great thing, don’t you think? And when I am able to go visit the production line during production, that affects the quality, and I know our Mamas appreciate our attention to those details as much as I do.

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