We often get questions about shipping, and here is the answer.

Mamatotowear was started in San Francisco in 2005 when I (Hanna) was living there. We make all our shirts in San Francisco for many reasons, one being that we so passionately believe in fair production practices like working conditions, wages and so on. It was also easiest for us to oversee production if we could come and visit the place where the clothes were being made.

Mamatotowear was inspired by my first pregnancy, who was born in San Francisco in 2005. I then had another baby in San Francisco in 2009. In 2010 it was time for our family to move. My partner and I are both from Europe and we wanted to go back and live in Europe again. Because Mamatotowear is part of us, it came with us. We now live with our three kids, our littlest was born here in France in 2013, in a village in the mountains in southern France. What does this have to do with shipping you ask? We ship from France, that's what :)

Sometimes customers ask "if your clothes are made in San Francisco, why should I pay for shipping from France?" The simple answer is, because we live in France. If we were to have a warehouse in the US and employ someone to manage it our tops would have to be a lot more expensive.The longer answer is this: our shipping cost are extremely low, in fact what we charge does not cover shipping, but we like to be cool and generous and we care about our American customers, so we offer a very low cost shipping for them. I sometimes buy things from the US and every time the shipping even for small things is at least fifty dollars. We don't charge that. So even though it might seem strange to you that we send you a shirt from France, it's really not. Us being in France also explains why paypal might talk to you in French when paying in our store. It is the same site, just multilingual. It apparently does not happen every time, but their service is the same in every country and language and nothing to worry about.