Mamatotowear is all about you, Mama and Baby, Mamatoto. Mamatoto is Swahili for the MotherBaby, there is no difference, they are one. We make tops that let you breastfeed your baby wherever you are, as you are, no accessories or covers, just you and your baby. That’s me and my daughter in the picture on this page, wearing the first tops from Mamatotowear in 2005. Since then we have been committed to making the best breastfeeding tops with integrity, meaning that they are Fair Made and Eco conscious, serving us as mothers, and our planet. I hope you will love our tops as much as the countless women we have dressed over the years have. When we started out in San Francisco, where the tops are made, I was sometimes driving tops around to moms calling me (sometimes crying) with their babies in their hands, desperate to get out and to be able to comfortably nurse their babies out and about. I don’t do that anymore, but we do ship our tops worldwide to make sure our Mamas can nurse in style and comfort wherever they are.

Our signature nursing tops come in tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, tunics and nightgowns in loads of color and neckline variations, there sure is one that will strike your fancy!

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